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  • Brittney Valeski

3rd Floor Master Renovation... Thanks to Our Cat (Part 2)

It's time to talk paint and decor... my favorite!! I love this project for so meany reasons but the top has got to be the fact that we gave ourselves zero deadlines on this one. Alex and I were buying, cutting, sanding, and placing the flooring all during our evenings after work and the gym and on the weekend. Before we laid the floor, we painted. I am a huge fan of Benjamin Moore paint. Our previous home owners used the local Benjamin Moore store and when we went in to buy some matching paint for another room, we found out they have a database of paint colors purchased per house and they even label them to each room in the house. I was able to determine the specific color white they used on the ceiling and purchase that for the walls. We used Benjamin Moore Ultra White and we are always impressed with BM paint coverage. It's better than any paint I've ever used- I was working with a very large room and over some very purple walls and we still only used a gallon and a half!

Get Your Bargain Hat On, We're Going Shopping

Once the walls were painted and the floors were installed, we only had to wait 24 more hours for the floor poly to dry and we were able to move back in! End of blog. JUST KIDDING. We finished the floor, moved our bed back in, and took a nice little Saturday trip to At Home. I'm frugal at heart if you haven't picked up on that yet so after digging through the clearance rugs, bedding, curtains, and decor we walked out the door with a car full including a 5x7 white rug, 4x6 braided rug, and a small 2x3 accent rug along with a basket for on the bed, a large wire candle holder, a white comforter, and a few decor pieces - all for under $100! I had wanted simplicity and simplicity is what I got. This is what our room looked like in it's "middle" stage.....

This was a huge improvement from the darker bedroom before. If you haven't seen part one head over to check out where we started! Again, we loved our master bedroom but the lighting situation isn't the best and we needed a way to brighten it up. I think we succeeded!

Fill Your Home With Things You Love, Not Just Things

Let's all give Joanna Gaines her due. If you've read her book Homebody you know she talks about finding pieces that fill your home with that good feeling you just can't explain. As I've covered before, Alex and I were so fortunate when we purchased our home. It just so happened his parents, his uncle, and his brother were all moving within 2 weeks of us and they happily unloaded the items they no longer needed into our home. This gave me plenty of canvases to update into pieces I now cherish but one of them was a dresser I did as my first furniture flip. Let's just call it my practice piece and move on. She did sell at the yard sale so it so it couldn't have been THAT bad. But back to pieces I love. I scoured Facebook Marketplace for weeks trying to find a mid century dresser set. Alex was so confused but I told him to trust me. We found a set that was actually part of an estate sale so we took our truck over to a random house in town and left with it loaded to the max. Here's my $150 Facebook score!

I began to realize my vision of an all white bedroom was evolving partially because once I placed the beautiful warmer brown tone into the room it instantly craved some color. Also, we needed a bed frame. Badly. Alex and I have been together for 4 years and married for almost 2. We've never had a headboard. This made us sad. For months I searched and searched every home decor and furniture shop and website I could find. I knew I waned a simple, sleek yet charming metal bed frame. I also knew I needed one my cat could fit through or climb around to get to "her window" at the top of our bed because she owns us. I finally found the one. It was perfect in every way for us. We also took this opportunity to upgrade to a king size mattress. Our lives and backs- not to mention our marriage (keep those cold feet away!) have forever been changed! I highly recommend this mattress if you, like us, might have some issues getting a King bed into your room. We love having an attic bedroom but those stairs are tight so we were kind of forced into a 'bed in a box' scenario and figured this one was so cheap who cares if it only lasts a few years. We're very happy with it so far though. It's so comfortable.

The bed frame is in, the new linens are on, the new light is up, and I think I can finally say I'm ecstatic and over the moon happy with how this renovation turned out. I love how bright this room is in the daytime when the light fills the space. It's no longer a dark dimly lit space that we didn't enjoy as much as we thought we would. This room is warm and inviting and exactly somewhere we want to come at the end of a long day.

I hope you enjoyed this before and after of our master bedroom makeover! Again, if you haven't yet, check out part one! If you have any questions on products we used or our methods reach out in the email link at the home page. Thanks for reading!

Until next time,


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