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From Table to Bench, The Story of Facebook Marketplace Finds.

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

If you, like me, can't help but scroll through local online marketplaces and pick your way through thrift stores, this post is just for you! I'll show you how I saved an old, unwanted coffee table and gave it new life!

Here she is, in her natural state.

Guys, do you ever get that feeling that you just have to stop in a particular store or just search a little bit further on your local online buy, sell, trade page? My husband commonly refers to this as my sixth (insert store) sense. It's like I know there is something there just wanting to be transformed. We had this luck with a ton of our wedding decorations and today I'm sharing how I had this luck on good ol' Facebook Marketplace.


The Idea

We have a big empty corner next to our built in cabinets that has been calling me to fill it since we moved in. We've had tons of ideas but we are also saving to go on our Disney World Honeymoon (YAY!) so that huge electric fireplace and mantle I've had my eye on will have to wait.

Alex and I like to host a good bit, well mostly we like the idea of hosting... I kid, I kid. We moved into our beautiful home a little over a year ago and moving from a few hundred square feet to almost two thousand, the possibilities were endless. Enter our yearly Christmas Party. As you'll come to learn on this blog, I can't do anything simple. Like anything. There must always be a theme. Themes are life people. I'll get into all of my party ideas and tips on another post but for now, back to seating. We have a dining room and living room that connect but only a sectional sofa and my grandmother's old recliner along with four dining chairs. Totally not enough.


New old things are my fave

Ok, so I watch a lot of HGTV. Like an unhealthy amount. HGTV anonymous, is that you calling? I'm fortunate enough to have an office upstairs at my work where I go to hang out with my in-laws cat while they're away. Yes, I am aware I have your dream job. Yes, it is that amazing to hang out with a cat all day and listen to HGTV. I'm a sucker for fixing up old things. I love the idea of bringing life to the forgotten pieces in a family home. Bringing my loves of a newly decorated space and attic finds together, I'm constantly trying to recreate these new looks, turning dusty worn down pieces into works of art. Insert this bench. I knew I wanted a small bench for guests to sit on but also knew full well it will become yet another piece of furniture our cat Olive will claim as her own. I thought about building one from scratch but my inner hippie hates bringing new things in the world when there are so many unused, unwanted pieces laying around, literally sometimes for free! I had seen before an idea of using old living room tables as ottomans and thought I could translate that into my bench. Must. Find. Old. Table.

Find Your Right Piece

Set your budget. Start your search.

I couldn't wait to snag a picture of my find! The poor lady I bought this of of must've thought I was crazy.

Remember that sixth sense I said I have with certain stores and shops? Yea, it found me another gem! I go in spurts of logging into my area marketplace but for some reason, ( as I was sitting at work shhhh don't tell my boss/MIL) I just HAD to check it out. The third piece listed was a coffee table that a lady just 4 miles from my work was getting rid of due to a move. She only wanted TEN DOLLARS! I knew I didn't want to spend more than $15 so I was in luck! I messaged the seller right away, made arrangements, grabbed the keys to my husband's truck and by 11am had this gem of a coffee table loaded up and back to the office before anyone knew I was gone!

Get Creative

Know what you want but be flexible.

This is after one coat. I could've stopped there but wanted a little more coverage.

I can't stress this enough... you don't have to pay full price! I'll say it louder so you here me... YOU DEFINITELY DON'T HAVE TO PAY FULL PRICE! That being said, you do always have to be on the lookout and also have to be flexible to some adaptations on occasion. I found many recipes online to make my own chalky paint. It works really really well actually. (Try me!) I was going to Lowe's anyway to look for a white paint to mix into my chalky paint when I detoured immediately to the clearance paint shelf. That Lowe's sense again ;-) They had a full quart of Valspar chalky paint in the color "Kid Glove" which is actually exactly what I wanted but didn't know I wanted! This paint retails for $30 so I would have a very hard time paying full price. Lucky for me, this "mis-tint" was on sale for $4.50! Thanks Lowe's Gods! I bought a new chip brush because, why not and headed home grinning from ear to ear. My poor hubby. This color turned out to be perfect. I covered the bench with two coats using the dry brushing style and only used maybe 1/4 inch of the paint from the can. I have since used it for at least four more projects and haven't used even 1/4 of the can. I love deals.

Here She Is... For Now!

Cushion to come... but I'm rather indecisive sometimes

So she's not completely done but she's functional. Alex and I will be painting our living room in the spring so I am completely undecided on what color I want for the bench cushion. The idea is to place foam and batting down and add a fully attached seat cushion to the top. We are going with a gray/blue living room so suggestions on fabrics are always welcomed! Until then, it's a really pretty space filler that Olive just adores. Also, animal and Disney themed pillows are a decorating must in this house. Note: I do in fact know there is paint on the top portion... this will be covered by the fabric my friends.

Trying this project? Send photos! I love to see everyone's creativity come out on fun projects.

Until next time,


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