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Master Closet Floor Upgrade

Our closet, the day we moved in, June 17, 1017. What an amazing space!!

Ok full disclosure, as with everything in this house there was nothing wrong with our master closet or it's floor but after completing our master bedroom renovation we felt this room wasn't quite complete. We initially wanted to carry our handmade hardwood plank floors into the closet but decided tearing up the old laminate was a tree we weren't ready to bark up. The laminate was fine other than not being the color or style we wanted and with the closet being newly framed into an attic we didn't know what would be underneath. I had recently seen several ads for Wallpops! floor tiles on Instagram and Facebook and decided to see what all the fuss was about. Turns out, the fuss is absolutely warranted.

Wallpops! floor tiles are designed to go over most any clean surface, just as long as there aren't any major issues such as buckling or overlaps. We have a 105 square foot master closet and were able to lay these tiles in under three hours (with a thirty minute pizza break). What we loved about the tiles is how easily we could make the design what we wanted. Alex and I laid them out several different ways before deciding on a specific pattern. *If you choose the same pattern as us, be prepared for your eyes to get buggy*

It's hard to decide what we love more about this quick, inexpensive flooring upgrade, the instant WOW factor from their fun patterns or the fact that we could move everything back in and walk on them right away. In this house, we are all about efficiency but there's always room for fun. At first I thought I was bananas for picking this wild pattern but the more we laid it down the more I fell in love. This room will eventually get a fresh coat of white paint and some shelving upgrades but for now... she's perfect.

And Olive thinks so too :-)

It's amazing what a few hours, a great product, and a wild vision can accomplish.

Until next time,


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