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Wednesday Weeknight - 25 Minute Candle Holder Update!

Last night I had that feeling again. My Goodwill senses kicked in again and for some reason after the gym I just HAD to go. Goodwill is very hit or miss but it's been a whole lot of miss for me lately, until last night. I figured I'd run in and take a quick peak but that turned into grabbing a cart which turned into almost an hour of sifting through the new treasures someone had left behind which turned into a very big 'hit' type of night for me. Two medium sized wood candle stick holders, two tall metal candle holders, a metal envelope for the wall, a hanging basket, and two brand new unopened IKEA shelves (not pictured) all for under $16! Like I said, hit!

These two little candle holders in the middle made for my first weeknight project of the batch. I have some local craft shows coming up this spring and I'm finally throwing my hat into the ring. I'll be thrifting a lot more which means more easy weeknight flips coming up! I knew I wanted to bring these dark brown wood candlesticks back to life with some light creamy-white paint! It took two coats with some light sanding with 3000 grit sanding pads between but with the quick drying time of chalky paint, these candlesticks were done in under 25 minutes!! See below for the video and semi-finished product!

I haven't fully decided if I want to scuff these up a bit to add some rustic charm or if they'll stay simple and elegant. This is what I love about flipping items like this. I can leave it sit a day or two until I take a step back and see how they'll work best. Do you have any luck thrifting? Some days are harder than others, keep plugging away! Let me know if you're heading out thrifting to pick up some items for quick weeknight flips.

Until next time,


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