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Weeknight End Table Flip

Do you have a few hours and and old piece of furniture? Grab some paint and turn that unwanted piece into a feature for your room!

I can remember every detail about my grandpa's house. I remember the specific long drawn out squeak the screen door leading into the kitchen made, the way the path to the blueberry patch got colder the further you walked under tree cover, and each piece of old furniture that barely moved in my 26 years coming to that house. After he passed it became clear to me that I wanted whatever furniture I could get. My aunt went stealth mode one day as we were cleaning out and grabbed my favorite old barn window frame that hung behind the kitchen table since my mom was a kid. It's proudly hanging in my dining room with the original photos having been replaced by pictures of his house.

This little end table in particular my mom grabbed for me hid many Easter eggs on the Easter Sunday's when it was snowing or too cold to have an outdoor hunt. It wasn't an antique and it's not valuable but I'm so happy I turned it into a piece we use every single day.

I cleaned the table with some Krud Kutter, snagged my Vintage White Junk Monkey paint from my paint shelf, and got to work. Covering the dark brown took two coats but I had both done in 2 hours leaving 45 minutes between coats and honestly, I probably didn't need that much time. This paint dries fast! Between each of the coats I did a quick sand to get a smooth finish.

After sanding the the second coat, I wiped the table down and applied the Junk Monkey all natural wax , Monkey Shine. After being applied I let the wax sit for about an hour and then buffed it off with a clean cloth. After just a few quick hours (most of it waiting time) I was left with a beautiful end table! Gotta love the power of paint!

Do you have a piece in need of an update? If you're a DIY-er like me, grab some paint and get busy. If not, drop me a line. I'd love to take your outdated - almost forgotten pieces and make them new again... it's kind of my thing.

Don't forget to share your projects!

Until next time,


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